“We are a Gospel-Centered community changing the city with the love of Christ for the glory of God.”

Sundays || 2:00 pm || 1717 S. Otterbein Ave. Rowland Heights, CA

Family Church


“Family Church” is our church’s main ministry to reaching the lost and making disciples, through gospel-centered family & relational evangelism.

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Current Sermon Series

What is joy? Why do I desire joy? Why is it so fleeting? How do I experience more joy in my life as a follower of Jesus? Why do I lack joy?

Follow along with us on our 8-week sermon series on "JOY”.

A.S.K. Meeting


If you are not a Christian or maybe you're not sure if you’re a Christian - please sign up for this meeting.

In this meeting, Pastor Mitchell invites you over to his home, where you have dinner with his family, then he explains what Christianity is and how you can become one. The meeting ends with an opportunity for you to "ASK" any questions yourself,

“I know that my sufferings aren’t the end of the world because I have been given eternal peace. I also want to thank you, THC, for all of the love and support you’ve shown me since I started attending. Even when I decided to walk away, you followed after me. You are a reminder and reflection of Christ, an encouragement and inspiration for me to do the same. You showed me God’s love by loving me, and showed God’s grace by showing me grace.”

- Howard Park