THC, Come to Church with a "Shovel-in-Hand"!

* Note: This blog is written specifically to the Covenant Members of THC

I still remember the first time I went to Reality Carpinteria led by Pastor Britt Merrick. I was 19 years old, attending Bible College, and learning so much about God’s Word. Every Sunday we would visit different churches and talk about the experiences on the way home. College-church-hopping was attractive to us because both of us grew up at one church.

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Why So Many Testimonies at THC?

Have you noticed over the last several months the increase in testimonies on Sundays? The testimonies have taken a life of their own. I don’t know about you, but I definitely see the Holy Spirit using your testimonies to build up the church. I hear some of you excited to hear testimonies and I can tell you guys are genuinely engaged when these testimonies are being shared. This is a great thing! Praise God!

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THC, God is Calling You to be a Trail Blazer for the Next Generation

When you come on Sundays to THC you will notice some children worshipping alongside us.

Why is this?

Some may say:

“Can they really sit still and worship with us?“

“Isn’t it possible that they can distract us, adults, from worshipping God on Sundays?“

“Shouldn’t they just worship with children-songs?”

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Go Above and Beyond Your Sunday Giving

This blog is for covenanted church members. I do not make this request of VIPs or non-members of THC.

You are the ones that have willingly asked for a greater accountability and "loving push" from your Pastors and Shepherds.

In membership class, you made a vow to financially contribute to your church. Though I do not teach that you *must* give a certain amount/percentage - I did teach you some principles of giving:

1. Giving Should Be Prioritized

2. Giving Should Be a Sacrifice to Lifestyle

3. Giving Should Be From A Place of Love and Joy

4. Giving Should Be Wise in Light of Your Current Season of Life.

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What I Learned at the House Church Conference

Thank you, THC, for allowing me to go to Boston for 5 days to be refreshed, challenged, further equipped in HC-ministry, and to fellowship with other like-minded Pastors doing House Church.

 This past April marked 2 years since we began “Family Church”. In those 2 years we’ve been given much in terms of training, testimony, modeling, investing, and a solid foundation of Shepherds dedicated to seeing THC become all she can be.

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A Practical Way to Do Your Devotions

A Practical Way to Do Your Devotions

As you know, we have been reading through the New Testament as a church. Reading plan here.

Our theme for 2019 is to develop a “DEEPER” relationship with God through reading His Word.

The theme is: “DEEPER: His Word. Our Need.”

We just completed Matthew last week and have begun the gospel of Mark.

The goal is for us to develop the habit of reading Scripture - and it’s been encouraging to hear how many of you have taken to this challenge.

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Let's Talk About Cleaning After Service!

On January 28 (2018), we held a church member’s meeting after service at Killian Elementary School. During that meeting I brought an opportunity before all the members. We had an opportunity to move our Sunday services to Beautiful Church (our mother church). I outlined several pros and cons if we were, in fact, to move back into our “Mother’s building”.

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Reviewing Our Christian Acceptance Policy

Jason is a Christian. He had a unique situation where we was looking for a new church. My friend recommended him to try our church. He came and I sent him the article below which outlines why we want to be careful with which Christians we allow into our church. I then met with Jason to hear his story and ask him some questions about why he was looking for a new church, what he believed in core theological doctrines, what his understanding of church commitment was, and whether or not he could meet the policy in the article below.

Jason took a couple of months to pray and think about this and he recently decided to make THC his home church.

I wanted to take a minute to explain some key points to you members about the process of allowing Christians to join our church.

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Retreat Highlights & Why We Have a 2pm Service Time

This retreat opened my eyes to the burdens that Beautiful Church and Beautiful Church pastoral staff carry. My heart grew in love for them.

But the primary reason I wanted to go to this retreat and the primary reason I want to maintain healthy relationships with Beautiful Church staff is for the sake of the next generation.

I want you to see that though we are different churches with separate finances, leadership, etc.... we are actually better together... for the sake of the next generation.

So THC members, thank you! Thank you for having a Sunday corporate worship service at 2pm.

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Say Hi to Kristin & An Important Consideration When Choosing a College

The hiring of Kristin allows me to dedicate more time and energy to the areas of preaching/teaching, to focus on the Shepherds/Family Churches, and to mobilize Church Members towards our church’s mission of reaching the lost and making disciples.

Never forget that you are a follower of Jesus before you are a student in college. College studies is not a valid excuse to remove yourself from church community and serving. Just like marriage is not an excuse. Just like parenting is not an excuse.

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THC Church Member's Covenant

The reason we have church membership is not to have an exclusive club. But to foster a healthy church with members, willingly, choosing to do their part so that THC can be all she can be for the building up of the church and the glory of God. I believe that, in the end, there will be more disciples made for Jesus, a greater accountability amongst one another, a clearer understanding of our church's mission & beliefs, as well as a greater joy and purpose unlocked in church members as they find their role/responsibility at THC. 

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The Power of Encouragement

Can you think of a time when you were feeling very down? Fear or shame dominated your heart. You were down and depressed. Your hope was dim. The grey clouds were out and about. Your heart felt... broken. 

You reached out to someone you respect. Someone who cares about you. And that person gave you the perfect encouragement that changed the way you felt. Changed the way you thought. And suddenly you felt your broken heart being "built up"

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