“Family Church” (FC) is a model of church that identifies some of the obstacles of “traditional Sunday-service church”:

  • Difficult to experience the kind of deep and meaningful fellowship that we see in the New Testament and all long for personally.

  • Difficult to evangelize the unchurched.

  • Difficult for everyone to serve as a member of the body of Christ.

FC seeks to address these obstacles through a weekly gathering of “families” coming together in a home over a shared meal together and under the care and leadership of “Shepherds”. 

Is Family Church Basically a Small Group?

Here are three statements that may help you to understand what FC is:

  • FC is just as much “church” as our Sunday gathering.

  • FC isn’t just a “ministry” of the church, FC is church.

  • FC primary focuses are: the experience of gospel-centered family & relational evangelism.

Defining Terms:

- Gospel-Centered FAMILY = A family where the truth of the gospel is deeply believed.

We strive not just to be a fun, social group but a family that is drawn together through the gospel.

- Relational EVANGELISM = Living in such a way that your faith is obvious and being intentional to share the gospel in the context of close relationships.

What Takes Place at a Family Church Gathering? – What to Expect

A typical FC gathering will consist of the following: 

- Eating Together

- Ice-Breaker

- Praise Time

- Word Time

- Sharing Time 

- Praying Time

- Announcements for The Home Church.

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