THC’s Response to COVID-19
on March 13th, 2020
THC Members,It’s okay to be afraid. There’s a reason the Bible has 365 verses where God instructs His people to “not fear” or to be of “good courage” – it’s because God knows the human propensity towards fear.What we should do in times of fear is run to God as a “Shelter” and “Refuge”. He is, after all, “Father” and we “His children”. Throughout global and church history – we have seen global cala...  Read More
7 Things THC is NOT
on March 9th, 2020
Members of THC … it would be good to understand how to view ourselves as a church. We used to be an English Ministry though. The reason “EM” is no longer an appropriate label for us is because we, technically, are not an English Ministry of Beautiful Church.We are an independent church within our denomination (SBC). We have our own Lead Pastor, budget, and membership. We have our own vision and mi...  Read More
Why I Went to the House Church Seminar for Pastors Again… And Again!
on February 19th, 2020
Some of you THC members asked me why I went to the House Church Pastor’s Seminar again… for the third time.  So why did I go? I thought it would be good for me to share with you why.  I think I’m the biggest cheerleader of Family Church at our church. It’s important that I actually believe in the model and do my very best to equip you to grow within the structure of FC, but there are times when e...  Read More
Why Are the Children in Service During Worship?
on December 19th, 2019
Every Sunday, during the first set of worship, you will see a bunch of children sitting/standing during the “adult” service. Sometimes they singing to Jesus in a beautiful way! Sometimes they have a hard time standing still. And many times, they look bored and appear to not want to be there. Many churches have parents sign in the children before the “adult” service begins. This makes sense logisti...  Read More
Five Reflections From Our Member’s Meeting
on December 4th, 2019
A couple of Sundays ago we had our 6th meeting since we began church membership at THC.  I’ve had a couple of weeks to process and think through what I sense the Holy Spirit leading us into:  Here are 5 reflections that I’d like to share with you so that you can know some of things that are on my heart as your Pastor. If you look at the beautifully made pamphlet (Thanks Kristin!) you will see tha...  Read More
THC, Come to Church with a "Shovel-in-Hand"!
on August 25th, 2019
In light of this past Sunday’s testimony shared by Rachel Park on “THC’s Growth Over the Last Few Years”  - I was inspired to write this blog. I hope it encourages you!* Note: This blog is written specifically to the Covenant Members of THCI still remember the first time I went to Reality Carpinteria led by Pastor Britt Merrick. I was 19 years old, attending Bible College, and learning so much abo...  Read More
Why So Many Testimonies at THC?
on July 23rd, 2019
Ephesians 4:16“16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.“Have you noticed over the last several months the increase in testimonies on Sundays? The testimonies have taken a life of their own. I don’t know about you, but I definitely see the Holy Spirit using your testimonies to build up the chur...  Read More
THC, God is Calling You to be a Trail Blazer for the Next Generation
on June 12th, 2019
When you come on Sundays to THC you will notice some children worshipping alongside us. Why is this?Some may say:“Can they really sit still and worship with us?““Isn’t it possible that they can distract us, adults, from worshipping God on Sundays?““Shouldn’t they just worship with children-songs?”You also know that there is a strong emphasis for members to be serving in “next-generation ministries...  Read More
Go Above and Beyond Your Sunday Giving
on May 23rd, 2019
This blog is for covenanted church members. I do not make this request of VIPs or non-members of THC. You are the ones that have willingly asked for a greater accountability and "loving push" from your Pastors and Shepherds.In membership class, you made a vow to financially contribute to your church. Though I do not teach that you *must* give a certain amount/percentage - I did teach you some prin...  Read More
What I Learned at the House Church Conference
on May 9th, 2019
Thank you, THC, for allowing me to go to Boston for 5 days to be refreshed, challenged, further equipped in HC-ministry, and to fellowship with other like-minded Pastors doing House Church. This past April marked 2 years since we began “Family Church”. In those 2 years we’ve been given much in terms of training, testimony, modeling, investing, and a solid foundation of Shepherds dedicated to seein...  Read More
Can You Call Me "Pastor" Mitchell?
on April 8th, 2019
I will admit up front that I am a little uneasy with this blog. (I’ve got those people-pleasing insecurities I still fight against as one of my core idols and a part of me would rather not ask this at all)Let me begin by taking you back 10 years ago. I was 20 years old and my church appointed me as a “Pastor” of the 18-25 yr. old (College Ministry). I remember very clearly, at that time, telling m...  Read More
What is the "Serving Tour"? How Does it Work?
on April 5th, 2019
About 6 months ago Pastor John, Hanna, and myself were sitting at a Chik-Fil-A on a Tuesday morning for our weekly Pastor’s Meeting.Each week we gathered to share our “highs” and “lows” and we would naturally encourage and pray for one another. These Tuesday mornings became very important because we realized the need for us to regularly spend time with each other in person. Pastoring can be tough....  Read More