Downloadable Documents


Downloadable Documents

Serving Tour

The serving tour involves observing 5 ministries: The Home Church Children’s Ministry, Set Up & Welcome Team, Elementary, Media Team, and Youth.
If you are interested in serving in a ministry, please download this document and email the corresponding people.

As you do the Serving Tour be praying about where you can serve. Take an honest look at where the needs are, where your gifts/passions are, and see if your current season of life can match the commitment level of these different ministries (each ministry has different commitment levels).

***Please read the document carefully as it details the procedure and requirements for completion! 

Below is the complete list of serving opportunities with the Leader of that team

1.    Elementary Ministry - Pastor John Cho
2.    Media Team - Esther Lee
3.    Security Team - Daniel Lee
4.    Set Up/Tear Down Team - Chad Espinoza
5.    Snack Team - Heidi Ko
6.    Sound Team - Steven Li
7.    THC Children’s Ministry - Delia Perez
8.    Welcome Team - Eileen Kou
9.    Worship Team - Kevin Park
10. Youth Ministry - Pastor Danny Lee

Reimbursement Form

If you have purchases that are approved for reimbursement, such as Shepherds Meeting food, Commitment Celebrations, After Service Fellowship Snacks, and etc. please save all of your receipts.

Please print the following form, fill out the information, and turn in to Kristin Choi with attached receipts.

You will receive your reimbursement check on the first Sunday of the month.