Virtual Communities


The vision of our Virtual Communities is three-fold:

1. To increase community among The Home Church during the time of quarantine
2. To combat boredom & improve overall mental health
3. To provide opportunities for THC Members to evangelize in times of quarantine

Through our Virtual Communities, we are still able to facilitate a space for fellowship and socializing among members and VIPs. We are building a sense of community and belonging to one another, despite not being able to meet physically. With more time on our hands, THC wanted to provide an opportunity for people to "hangout" . These groups are not meant for spiritual growth, as Family Church is still our central focus. These lighter interactions are meant to be a place where people can simply relax and have fun with one another.


These communities are centered around a common interest. Whether it's sports, music, games, food, movies, anything!
You do not have to be a church member to join a Virtual Community! Anyone can join! 
Contact the person, through the email attached below, letting them know that you're interested in joining and they would love to get you plugged in!

Virtual Communities Currently Available for Joining: 

1. Gaming VC - Abraham Park
The Gaming VC is an online gaming community open to anyone and for all skill levels. The games we mainly play are Starcraft 2 and Super Smash Brothers.
***Super Smash on Tuesday nights from 8-9 PM and Starcraft on Thursday night from 8-9 PM. People are welcome to play longer if they’d like.

2. Music VC - Kevin Park
A place to share and discuss music with people with varying tastes. All are welcome.

3. Netflix VC - Jason Chen
A VC made for discussing Netflix shows and movies!

4. Board Games VC - Elaina Perez 
Board game VC will play a game at least once a week. We will play things like Jackbox TV, Settlers of Catan, Mafia, Codenames, etc.
We hope through this VC we can have a sense of community and normalcy during quarantine.

5. KPop/KDrama VC - Jane Park
Like Korean music or KDramas? Let's talk about it! Tell us what you think about the latest dance and/or show. Not Korean? Not a problem! Everyone is welcome.  
Don't forget to invite your friends as well~

6. Diet/Fitness VC - Pastor Mitchell Perez 
This VC is a chat room for encouraging and supporting each other in diet and fitness goals. As a group we will share diet/fitness knowledge with each other and keep each other accountable.

7. Online Poker VC - Jason Chen
A community for people to play online poker together!

8. 20 Pages VC - Abraham Park
In this VC we will read 20 pages of whatever book you want a day. To encourage each other, we will share quotes and/or notables. 

Can't find one that interests you? Covenanted Church Members of THC are able to fill out this form and create a VC of their own!