Hello Friend,

Every Friday night our church gathers in what we call "Family Churches".
These are weekly virtual gatherings of 6-12 adults where we experience the beauty of Christian community.

Family Churches are available for adults of all ages! If you have children they can join too!

Our Family Churches are for non-Christians, seekers, and those who are not part of a church already.

If you are already a Christian that is part of a local church, we kindly ask that you seek to grow within the community that is already at your church. Read about the heart behind our policy here

For those of you who are not, currently, Christians (or maybe you are not sure if you are a Christian). Here is what you can expect:
A typical FC gathering will consist of the following:
  • Ice Breaker - Getting to Know One Another More Deeply
  • Praise - Musical Worship to God
  • Word Time - 10 Min. Teaching From the Bible Led by a Christian. 
  • Announcements - Connecting you to events/ways to grow spiritually at The Home Church
  • Update from Missionary - Each FC supports/prays for a missionary. The FC is named after the country/region that missionary serves. 
  • Sharing Time - Each person goes around and shares what they are thankful for and difficulties they faced during the week. (You only have to share what you feel comfortable sharing)
  • Prayer - Time of bringing prayer requests to God. (You don't have to participate, but you are welcome to if you'd like!  

Each FC is led by two "Shepherds" (one male and one female). Their job is to facilitate the gatherings, pray for members during the week, model servant-leadership to their members, and help their members grow spiritually.

Sometimes FC's will break from a "normal FC" and do activities or different types of meetings.

I can't overstate how important it is to learn Christianity from actual Christians and not just through sermons from a Preacher. As a preacher, myself, the primary audience that I speak to is Christians because a Sunday service is a worship service. But the purpose, through these FCs, is inviting people like you to learn about Christianity by experiencing Christian community.

We hope that you take that step in your spiritual journey to learn more about why following Jesus' teachings is a life of purpose and joy.

Please fill out this interest form so that we can follow up with you!

If you have any questions about our FCs. Feel free to email me personally:


“Family Church” (FC) is a model of church that identifies some of the obstacles of “traditional Sunday-service church”:

  • Difficult to experience the kind of deep and meaningful fellowship that we see in the New Testament and all long for personally.
  • Difficult to evangelize the unchurched.
  • Difficult for everyone to serve as a member of the body of Christ.

FC seeks to address these obstacles through a weekly gathering of “families” coming together in a home over a shared meal together and under the care and leadership of “Shepherds”. 

Is Family Church Basically a Small Group?

Here are three statements that may help you to understand what FC is:
  • FC is just as much “church” as our Sunday gathering.
  • FC isn’t just a “ministry” of the church, FC is church.
  • FC primary focuses are: the experience of gospel-centered family & relational evangelism.

Defining Terms: 

- Gospel-Centered FAMILY = A family where the truth of the gospel is deeply believed.
We strive not just to be a fun, social group but a family that is drawn together through the gospel.

- Relational EVANGELISM = Living in such a way that your faith is obvious and being intentional to share the gospel in the context of close relationships.