All Serving Teams



Each week we have twelve ministries/teams that are serving behind the scenes to not only serve the younger generation, but also allow for the Sunday services to run smoothly and effectively.

Below, you will find a list of the ministries with their serving members, expectations, and commitment level.

If you have any questions or interests, please contact Pastor Mitchell Perez at

1. THC's Children Ministry - Delia Perez

The Home Church Children’s Ministry is a Bible based learning experience. We sing worship, pray, practice memory verses, learn Bible stories, do crafts pertaining to the story and eat snacks also story related. We want Sundays to be about Jesus and his love for the children. We’re growing every year and looking forward to all the newest THC youngest VIP’s!
Current Teachers:

  1. Papa Mitchell Perez
  2. Jane Park
  3. Ariella Hernandez
  4. Young Kim 
  5. Joseph Hong
  6. Paul Kim

2. Beautiful Church Elementary - Pastor John Cho

Beautiful Church Elementary is a place where children learn to make disciples by relationally seeking the lost and relationally growing the found. Our Sunday service starts at 11:45a.m. and we sing praise songs, listen to a message, and then break out in family churches. 83 percent of our volunteers are currently THC members. We would be honored to have you come and see what God is doing here!
Current Teachers: 

  1. Esther Lee
  2. Joan Lim
  3. Jane Park
  4. Heidi Ko
  5. James Ko
  6. Abraham Park
  7. Hyewon Park
  8. Joseph Yi
  9. Onyoo Ah
  10. Michelle Kim

3. Youth Group - Pastor Danny Lee

Current Teachers:

  1. Jemini Park
  2. Howard Park
  3. Danny Han
  4. Jason Chen
  5. Kristin Choi
  6. Kelly Kao

4. Screening /Welcome Team - Eileen Kou

As the Welcome Team, we desire that all THC members, visitors, or newcomers receive a warm welcome and truly feel the love of God from the moment they set foot on church ground to the moment they leave. Our goal, especially, is to make sure that any new Sunday visitors get connected by filling out a connection card. Welcoming includes greeting each individual as they walk into church service, passing out connection cards, and getting to know newcomers even after service ends.
***As a result of COVID-19, this team has temporarily transitioned to the "Screening Team" - each week, this team ensures that all individuals attending our in-person service are safe and healthy.
Current Members:

  1. Chris Lee
  2. Adinai Lee
  3. Eileen Kou
  4. Jeff Chang

5. Pre-Sanitize/Usher Team (Set Up/Tear Down Team)

The setup portion involves arriving early to church at 1pm to make sure the sanctuary is organized and ready for THC Sunday worship service – this includes putting up the welcome table, banners, ropes, communion, etc. Before service begins, we also pray for Pastor Mitchell and the service.

Following the service, we try to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with by vacuuming the sanctuary and hallway and taking out all the trash. 
We believe this type of service reflects the humble servant heart of our Lord Jesus, who showed His love to His disciples by washing their feet.

***As a result of COVID-19, this team has temporarily transitioned to the "Pre-Sanitize/Usher Team" - each week, this team arrives early and sanitizes all necessary equipment and helps set up our in-person gathering. Tim and Shelby Horton are temporarily leading this team, so if you are interested in joining please contact one of them.

Current Members:

  1. Chad Espinoza
  2. Daniel Han 
  3. Daniel Lee
  4. James Ko
  5. Shelby Horton
  6. Timothy Horton

6. Finance Team

Members of the Finance Team works closely with The Home Church Office and are responsible for the counting, recording, and safekeeping of Sunday offerings and other event donations. In addition, this team works with ministry finances, creates our church’s annual budget, and works towards the continual growth of our church through finances. 
Current Members:

  1. Chris Lee
  2. Lucas Kao
  3. Andrew Shim

7. Media Team - Esther Lee

Media Team strives to serve THC by making sure each church service runs smoothly. Members of the THC Media Team will help with coordinating the PowerPoint display for every Sunday service. This involves coming early to set up worship and sermon slides, working the PowerPoint during the service, and shutting down after everything is finished. 
Current Members:

  1. Joan Lim
  2. Esther Lee
  3. John Ko

8. Worship Team - Kevin Park

The Worship Ministry is the perfect place for you to use your gifts in music to serve the Church and God. Aligning our music with our hearts for Christ, we are used by God to lead His people into worship every Sunday. Bring a heart of worship and a heart to learn, and serve in this awesome ministry!  
Current Members:

  1. Abraham Park
  2. Rachel Park
  3. Kelly Pak
  4. Kevin Park

9. Snack Team - Heidi Ko

Consists of providing refreshments/light snacks post-service which plays a part in creating fellowship and relationships between THC members, VIPs and others.

Expectations: have the snacks ready after service, buy enough yummy snacks to serve, have an idea of when people are done with snacks so that it can be cleaned up (trashed or put in storage), and stay within the budget given for that month.

***As a result of COVID-19, this team has temporarily been suspended.
Current Members: 

1. Jane Park
2. Jessica Hong
3. Heidi Ko 

10. Sound Team - Steven Li

The sound team is responsible for ensuring the quality of sound for anyone on stage; including the message, worship, testimonies, announcements, and etc. The sound team works in the back of each service, recording the testimonies and messages. 
Current Members:

  1. Jason Lee
  2. Steven Li

11. Security Team - Daniel Lee

The ears and eyes of the congregation, during Sunday. Being aware of who comes to church and being vigilant for suspicious activity.
Commitment level being available one Sunday a month.
***As a result of COVID-19, this team has temporarily been suspended.
Current Members:

  1. Andrew Shim
  2. Chris Lee
  3. Daniel Han 
  4. Daniel Lee 
  5. Howard Park 
  6. Jason Chen 
  7. Jemini Park

12. Re-Gathering Protocol Team

With the changing circumstances of COVID-19, this team creates the in-person gathering safety protocols for our church. This team is comprised of trusted individuals and health professionals who thoroughly research the current state of COVID-19 and implement the necessary safety measures to keep our church safe to the best of their knowledge.
Current Members:

  1. Chris Lee
  2. Cynthia Gomez
  3. Dan Park
  4. Delia Perez
  5. Eileen Kou
  6. Esther Lee
  7. Pastor Mitchell Perez