Why we give.

We give much because Jesus gave much for us (John 3:16).

We give to spread the Kingdom of Jesus.

We give to support the vision of The Home Church Members.

If you are not a Covenant Member of The Home Church, please don't feel obligated to give financially. 
Giving is the joyful responsibility of the Covenant Members.

For any questions related to THC Finances please email the Finance Team at:
THC Finance Team
Andrew Shim
Chris Lee
David Pak
Lucas Kao
***There is about a 3% processing fee for every online giving transaction. However,  if you link your bank account to Subsplash Giving, then the processing fee will only be about 1%.

For those of you who choose to opt into linking your bank account, Subsplash will make two microdeposits of less than $1 each into your account within the next 1-3 days once you enter your routing/account information. Subsplash will then ask you to enter those two amounts into the giving platform and your account should be verified.

Please reach out if you run into any difficulties!